Musica Medicina travels every year for a few months hosting workshops in India and abroad. Vishesh’s workshops are around intuitive expression & development whereas Rahul’s workshops are focused on creating a musical space for kids and bamboo instruments.

What we share

Intuitive Singing

A workshop designed to create a new relationship with your singing voice for non musicians and musicians alike.

Singing is the first musical instrument known to man, being the most instinctive way to express any kind of emotion that we feel in the moment. Instead of trying to sing songs we would dive within and sing without any lyrics to access an intuitive expression.


Throat Singing

An intense and funny workshop where we push, pull, contract & expand the vocal cords to access the throat singing voice.

In the process we end up discovering many sounds, strange, scary and hilarious in the same time. A workshop for all those who feel the primal calling when they hear Throat singing from Mongolia, Siberia or the Inuits .

flute workshops with kids by musica medicina


Children are born with rhythm, as we grow up, slowly and slowly we lose our connection to it. They say it is never too late to remember but what if we could nurture this beautiful skill at an early age.

Each child reacts to rhythm, either with movement, or with sound or with an ecstatic curiosity. A workshop for kids to connect with their musical selves.


The moon is seen as a symbol of knowledge & wisdom of the vast inner world in legends on all corners of the earth.

In this circle we aim to get closer to this moon medicine through discussions, drum journeys, vision quests and stories.


A style of Indian music that has been passed on orally for several generations preserving the magic of North Indian Temple and Court Music.

A very meditative style of singing which requires rigorous training and discipline but in the same time is based totally on improvisation around a framework.


From hearing to listening
From thinking to feeling
From the intellect into the unknown

A session where participants lie down and are taken on a journey with singing bowls, string instruments, drums to a dream space where time and space disappears to come back rejuvenated.

What we teach

Intuitive Singing
No words, no lyrics, no boundaries! Welcome to the mystical realm of music! Let’s get together to sing as one voice and through it, connect as one spirit. By coming together as pure sound, we can raise consciousness at an individual and collective level.

Singing is the first instrument known to man, being the simplest and easiest way to express any kind of emotion that we feel in the moment. We will create an atmosphere that breaks

the barrier of shyness. Beginning with basic long sustained notes to slowly tune into rhythm, we will subsequently go through a series of exercises, melodies and raw sounds to sing creatively.

We shall also open up to our natural chest voice where most of the emotional memories are stored and which can be a beautiful and vulnerable experience. Also, we shall experiment with various voices from the stomach, chest, throat, nose 🙂, head, etc

Throat Singing
The elders would say: “to undergo a throat operation, inner and outer” for the process of learning throat singing. This is a style of singing that not only modulates the vocal cords, but also aids to pour out expression in and with respect to day-to-day life. It is one of the oldest practice/ sound form found in cultures across the world including Mongolia, Africa, Alaska, Australia and Tibet.

We will engage in various exercises that will involve hyperventilation, releasing and finding unknown hidden sounds to activate the throat with a bit of coughing and spitting here and
there :)). Most importantly, we will learn how to create a powerhouse of energy and its flow so we may be able to know it, move with it and play with it.

Learn how to use Tibetan Bowls for self healing and to share this magical resonance with others.

With the bowl we shall learn :
How to produce various sounds;
Clearing the space;
Scanning for blockages;
Giving a cleanse;
Recharging the energy body;
Using our intuition;

After receiving a group sound healing, we will give private sessions to each other and learn more from giving and receiving sessions. Through this, we will know how to hold space for another person and understand the different possibilities of how one can approach a private healing.


The elders would say: “There is no path, higher or lower, it is the path which opens the doors for you”.

A session dedicated to connect us with our moon body, and work through layers of memory for healing and revealing.

We will be doing traditional exercises, sounds and ritual from shamanic cultures of the eastern Himalayas and understand the essence of shamanic intention.

This workshop also has the objective of introducing light/medium trance states, learning the indigenous ways to connect with the directions, our guides and to bring things from the unconscious to the surface by entering an altered state of mind through the mediums of drum, rocking motion and guided journeys. Closing the circle with a ritual related to ancestor memories.

Community Healing

A ceremony where we take time to forget about ourselves and focus on the collective consciousness, the healing of the earth, the climate change, the suffering of humanity, animals, plants and our ecosystem.

We perform a collective healing, a prayer, a dance and a song to raise the collective consciousness.

The method we learn is very simple and intuitive and can be used to clean the energy of our homes, energize the food, work with heavy memories to transform them and bring joy in our lives and around us.


A session where an intimate and safe space is created, where participants lie down and are taken on a journey with singing bowls, string instruments, drums and energy work to a deep and open space where the infinite being may be revealed.

From hearing to listening
From thinking to feeling
From the intellect into the unknown

Private Sessions

Private sessions are customised according to a person’s needs they can be done online & otherwise. In general they are :


Rhythmic Music Lessons - Pakhawaj, Tabla, Djembe & World Rhythms


Melodic Music Lessons - Throat singing, Dhrupad & String Instruments


Moon Medicine - Fundamentals of Shamanism

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Notable Workshops and Retreats

Ananda Healing Center – Guatemala, 2014

Niv Cultural Retreat Center – Noida, India, 2015

Body Mental Akademia – Lodz, Poland, 2016

Medisinisk Yoga Ost – Oslo, Norway, 2017

Mahara Holisitic – Amsterdam, Holland, 2018

YogaSpa- Niigata, Japan, 2018

Zorba the Buddha – New Delhi, 2019

Down To Earth – Oslo, Norway, 2019

Arhat Sentret – Bergen, Norway, 2019

Shanti Club – Geneva, Swiss, 2019

Remo – Amsterdam, Holland, 2019

Garso Kupolas, Vilnius, Lithuania , 2020

The Quorum, Gurgaon, India, 2022

What people say…

“Vishesh has a deep knowledge of our true nature.

His song and storytelling leads you into a path of self revelation and wonder.

The sounds and presence pierce through all layers of illusion and gives you connection to your original being.”

– Elisabeth Louise Lund,

Like most of his work and his music, the retreat with Kalimero was eclectic, radical and penetrating.

Three days and nights expanded in to years and millenia, unravelling planes from past and future into the here and now.

Filled with storytelling and forgotten rituals, it was joy and unsettling at the same time. One cannot go back to being the same person or the same thought process, irrespective of how long the shifts takes to unfold in our individual lives.

New spaces within oneself and I the cosmic are opened up and one goes back with gifts that can serve, guide and accompany one in ones individual and worldly existence forever.

– Neha Chaturvedi, India

Retreat was actually a recharge to me. In the very first day I was very much occupied with escaping thoughts. But With the help of collective energy and Vishesh’s guidance I was actually able to retreat from the pre-conditioning of self and around. I felt enriched and calmer afterward and looking forward to have greater impact in my everyday life.

Anal jha, India


“When they play, my eyes shut,
the world disappears and I’m gone.

Far, far away. Into my own divinity.”

– Priyal El Sol

“This mesmerizing music transported us to another century. A delightful evening.”

Simerdeep Nakai Grewal